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Bad Attitude T-shirts

bad attitude

Crop top, 49 CAD / White top, 47 CAD / Crop top, 44 CAD / Black top, 13 CAD / Crop top

Ever have those days when you want to send a strong leave-me-alone message to the world? Do it with a tshirt. The tshirts above are fun and functional. They quickly converse how you’re feeling on those moody bad days. Sure everyone might think you have a bad attitude, but you look  good so does it really matter.

Best part is these tshirts are all under $50, so you can get your rude girl style on without going broke. I personally find them humorous and a cheeky take on the graphic tee.

Fashion is still a way to speak out and express yourself. Some days, you just don’t have anything nice to say. On those days, bite your tongue and let your style do the communicating for you.

You can pair these tops with almost anything, which is one of the reason why I like them. You might wear a cute skirt with charming accessories to let the world in on your bitter-sweet side. Or you can keep it simple with some jeans and a beanie to stay casual  while still expressing your mood.

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ElleStyles is Bringing Sexy Back

Elle Styles

Summer is in the air and summer always reminds me of partying and dancing at the clubs, and if you’re going to have a fun sexy night out or in, you’re going to need the right dress for the occasion. While browsing, I learned about ElleStyles, which is a  cool website to find the hottest dresses and accessories.

ElleStyles is the go to place to find everything you need to help you look and feel sexy at really affordable prices. On the site, you can find dresses for clubbing or a date; you can also find swimwear, sexy costumes, lingerie and accessories. I personally have never seen one website that offers all of the above, and this is why I wanted to bring it to your attention.

This website is really well thought out and cleverly anticipates a buyers needs. Very often, if you’re looking for sexy wear, you’re not just looking for a sexy dress, you need lingerie and fun accessories too. ElleStyles understands its consumers and thought ahead as to what type of stock users would be looking for.

Above are a few examples of what you can find on ElleStyles, but one thing you quickly see, and what makes it fun to shop, is the variety. From casual dresses to skirts and shorts, there’s just so much to choose from. Again, it goes back to thinking ahead and understanding the buyer–something that not many webshops bother to do these days.

If you are looking for sexy dresses, flirtatious clubwear, or the perfect string bikini, ElleStyles is the place to look. Their clothes are affordable and they offer a great variety.

Also, don’t forget to check out their facebook page to learn more about them

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Greg Michaels is Always A Stylish Choice

Besides her shoes, a woman’s handbag is next thing you’ll notice about her outfit. In fact, you can wear a simple jeans and tee-shirt but with the right bag, you’ll look put together and stylish. That’s why I was so excited to be introduced to GregMichaels and had to share this brand with you. This designer brand is topping my list of must haves and brands to check out and here’s why.

Simple Elegance: If you like your hand bags to add to your look, not compete with it, then Greg Michaels is the brand for you. The bags come in a variety of styles and colors (which means there’s one for every occasion) but with each bag I noticed a simple classy elegance that just works. This simple elegance that seems to be crafted into each bag makes the bags functional and versatile. One bag can work for a cocktail party or Sunday brunch. I love versatility in pieces and it was one thing that really made this brand stand out for me.

Affordable: I was shocked to find a real leather hand bag company that was actually affordable. Most stylish leather bags can run past $500 but Greg Michaels has bags for under $200. What’s more, Greg Michaels products are made with prime materials. Their designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish.

Customer service: A great product is nothing if the website doesn’t make buying the product easy. Not only does Greg Michael offer free returns all year round, but you can always call one of the customer service agents if you have any questions. Sure, there are lots of hand bag companies out there, but they don’t all offer the service that great Greg Michaels’ does and that sets them apart from countless brands out there.

Great gift idea: Chances are there is at least one person in your life that is obsessed with hand bags. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your fashion loving friend or relative, check out Greg Michaels. Their bags are beautiful, high quality, and a will get tons of compliments.

Visit http://gregmichaelsco.com

Learn more about this designer bag on their facebook page http://facebook.com/gregmichaelsco

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Find Qaulity Accessories at Wholesale Prices at JewelryBund

Untitled #246

What’s the fastest way to change your outfit without actually changing your outfit? Accessorize. When I was doing my little black dress challenge, I learned that adding some jewelry or a cute scarf could instantly deceive others into thinking I was wearing a different a dress. Accessories also help to make your wardrobe versatile. If there’s one thing chic women have in common, it’s their ability to accessorize. For a while, I didn’t add too many accessories to my wardrobe because I felt they were expensive. I’d see a girl with a lovely necklace tying her look together and feel I couldn’t afford something similar. That was until I found out about jewlerybund.com

Jewelrybund.com is an online wholesale accessory shop that has a plethora of options to help you accessorize your outfits. On the site you’ll find earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even hair accessories all at affordable and wholesale prices.

I’m someone who loves wholesale supply sites. It not only lets you find great items for less, they ship right to your door. You can save 50-85 percent on quality jewelry by shopping with jewelrybund.com. They are even willing to price match. If you find a company offering a better deal than theirs you can simply email or live chat them and they will offer you a lower price. There are not a lot of wholesale accessory shops that are willing to do that.

Another thing I like about jewelrybund.com is they stand by their customer service and allow the customers to get in touch with a real person should they need to. After all, the most important aspect of business is customer service. It’s one thing to get a great deal on an item, but what happens when you need support. Suddenly, that great price doesn’t seem worth it if you’re left without answers to your questions.

The only thing I didn’t like about the site is that I was not able to find the shipping price prior to ordering. I like to have an idea of how much my entire order is going to cost me, but I overlooked this minor flaw because the prices were amazing. A girl can buy enough accessories to wear the same dress all month and have no one notice.

There is so much to choose from that one can get overwhelmed, but the site is very easy to navigate and well organized. One of the pieces I immediately gravitated towards was the waterdrope style necklace. I love statement necklaces, and at less than $3.00 how can any girl pass it up.


I get crazy over rings, so it was no surprise to me that I overfilled my cart with several from the site. Jewelrybund.com has some of the loveliest and most unique rings I’ve seen.

If you are looking for an affordable quick way to spice up your outfits, I highly recommend visiting jewelrybund. They have an expansive collection of accessories at wholesale prices.

You can learn more about them by checking out the links below.




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Attitude Inc: Affordable Street Wear and Accessories


Mishka Keep Watch Safari Pom Knit Beanie Magenta

 ICECREAM-Logo-Mash-T-Shirt-Multi-1ICECREAM Logo Mash T Shirt Multi

Attitude Inc is a trendy urban streetwear site that I was introduced to recently. The site offers both men’s and women’s streetwear apparel, as well as unisex gadgets and accessories. If you live in or around the areas of Essex and Suffolk then you may have seen this independent retail shop. But for those of us on the otherside of the pond, we can rely on the wonders of online shopping to get our hands on the high quality and unique items found in the store.

Attitude Inc is on my list of places to shop because of it’s varity. For an independent shop, I am pleasantly surprised as to how much the site has to offer. The list of brands can be seemily overwelming, but the site is extremely easy to navigate and well organized. It didn’t take me long to start filling up my cart. From skater apparel to urban chic knits, Attitude Inc has a number of items that work into a guy’s or girl’s wardrobe.

Vans-Authentic-Womens-trainers-Black-Black-1Vans Authentic Womens Trainers Black Black

If you already opt for an urban look (or know someone that does) then I highly recommend visiting the site. But even if you’re someone like me who usually goes for a more vintage or classic look, there are a number of items in the home and gifts section that are simply awesome. The prices, to me, are affordable and you can find popular streetwear brands, such as Converse, Obey, and ICECREAM that are reasonably priced.

Another thing I really like about Attitude Inc is that carries more than just clothes. I mentioned above, they have houseware and gadgets, but you can also purchase skateboards and skate gear, snowboarding gear, and bike gear. This makes the shopping process a lot faster since I don’t have to visit other sites. I can buy my skate shoes and bearings all from the same site.Lomography-Diana-F-&-Flash-Camera-Metropolis_2Lomography Diana F + & Flash Camara Metropolis

If you’re looking for unique streetwear for an affordable price, checkout Attitude Inc.

Learn more about Attitude Inc at the following pages:





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Grayson Shop Keeps You Trendy For Less


My style resolution is to spend less without comprimising my look, and with the help of graysonshop.com I may be able to keep a resolution for once. I recently learned about this web shop and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite online shops. It’s similar to shops like forever 21 and styleforless in that it’s young and fresh.

Graysonshop.com has better prices and cuter items, in my opinion. The Westertn Denim Floral Tie Front Shirt is so incredibly cute and I can’t wait to sport it this spring.


While filling my cart, I didn’t see anything over $30, which makes it a budget shopper’s dream come true. Besides the great prices, I also like how it appeals to both my trendy and classic chic side. The site has pieces that are modern and hip but it also has staple pieces that one can build their wardrobe with.

It’s also a great site for those that want to test a fashion trend for less. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wanted to try out a trend but didn’t want to spend a lot on a style fad. With graysonshop.com, you can experiment with your look without breaking the bank. Because let’s be honest, girls go through a lot of style phases and we shouldn’t have to overspend just because of this fact.

You can get $5 off your purchase when you sign up for their newsletter. Check them out if you want cute clothes for great prices!

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Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing and Make Remover Towelttes Review

While browsing throw iherb.com, a website that sells organic and cruelty free products I found a box of cleaning wipes on sale. I don’t usually use make removing/cleaning towelttles because I don’t wear much makeup, but they were on sale for only about $3.00 so I thought I’d give them a try. Below is a review of the Blum naturals daily cleansing and makeup remover towelettes.


Affordable: Even when this product is not on sale it’s still a lot cheaper than say M.A.C’s makeup remover wipes. The 30 pack is 7.49 on their website. But the pack I got, which had 10 individually wrapped towelttes, is only 2.84 on iherb.com.

Cleans well: While it doesn’t remove every trace of make with one sheet, it does do a good job of getting most of it. The sheets are thick and have a texture that helps to gently scrub away dirt. My face always felt clean after use.

Non drying or irritating:

Some wipes make my face feel really tight and dry after use, but this one contains grape seed extract, aloe vera extract and chamomile extract all organic and I think they add the benefit of preventing the face from feeling dry. It made my face look alive and hydrated and it was non irritating.


Although I like how each toweltte is indiviually wrapped (you can pop a couple in your bag) I hated the packaging! Without scissors it was almost impossible to get open.

This was not a con for me, but some may not like the smell. My family said it smelt like baby wipes and that turned them off from using it. I personally wasn’t bothered by it, but it is something to keep in mind.

I wish the 10 pack was 15. I would be willing to pay a little more for a few more wipes since 10 isn’t quite enough especially if you are sharing them with your house hold.

Overall, I’m a new fan of this product. I like that it is natural, gets the job done, and is afforadable. If you don’t mind the scent and don’t use heavy makeup then I definetly recommend it. 4/5

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Fun, cute, and cheap Haul



Over the past couple months, I’ve collected some cute, fun, and cherishable items…all within a good price range.


The fox mask comes from Urban Outfitters and the main reason for the purchase is so I can take “interesting” outfit photos. It wasn’t a halloween purchase, though the mask would work great for a costume. It was 10.50 and though the price is low and it is a fun accessory IT IS VERY CHEAPLY MADE. It came cracked out of the package. It is hard to see out of the eye holes and it’s a bit itchy. I don’t hate it. But I wouldn’t be quick to recommend it.


Art reader glasses: these also came from Urban Outfitters and they are tre chic. At first I felt like a complete geek in them, but they grew on me and are fun way to switch up your look. They are easy to see out of and for a little over 4 dollars they are great for a budget seeker.


Forever Elizabeth is my new favorite perfume. The scent…the take me away to an old hollywood film as a lead actress scent. Dreamy. I am smitten by it. It is mild but lasts, works for day and night (though it is recommended for casual wear), and comes in a beautiful bottle. I am not fragrance fanatic. I usually turn away from perfumes, but this one has made me lover of perfumes once again. I feel it embodies Elizabeth Taylor and all the sophistication and hollywood glamor that represents her. You can find it for less at frangrancex.com.


The next items come from Alloy.com. If you have narrow feet like me, I recommend the mika pink ballet flats. They are so comfortable and only $9.99! Alloy.com has some great inexpensive accessories like the liesel tiered necklace in the picture which was only 4.99. And finally, a last minuet add-on, was my Go Bayside tee, for only 7 dollars. The one shown in the photo is an extra small and it still feels loose, which I like.



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Mysterious Universe Asymmetric Skirt


Can I pull off the asymmetric skirt? No. But that won’t stop me from admiring fine designs like this mysterious universe asymmetric skirt. Even the name makes me want to take off to another planet. Galaxy and nebula inspired prints made a big splash last year and they haven’t yet left the hearts of many designers and stylists. This is fine by me, considering how much I adore this print. The asymmetric shape makes the skirt that much more..out of this world. It would look great on those with a “sky’s the limit” imagination when it comes to fashion. Or if you piece it with more simple items, I’m sure you can look like a grounded yet bold fashionista.

Set by me

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