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Beyond Plaid: Great Alternative Prints For Fall

I’m so tired of plaid for fall. Every autumn season, it’s the same thing plaid and darker toned knits. I generally love plaid, but I think there are a number of other patterns that a person can wear from September to December.

I love this bird print long skirt from ChicWish. It’s till very in line with fall without being same old boring plaid.

Chicwish Branch Out Pleated Maxi Skirt

The Brainstorm Forum cardigan from Modcloth quickly caught my eye. I love the deep navy blue color and the bold print.

Mid-length Long Sleeve Brainstorm Forum Cardigan

Here’s another Modcloth find that I adore. It’s very Boho chic and a great way to incorporate prints into your wardrobe for the fall. In fact, I think this dress would work all year round.

Mink Pink Boho Mid-length 3 Shift Shimmy the Way Dress

Just because it is fall, doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing floral. This dress from Super Dry is actually called a “fall print dress.” It’d be perfect for any autumn party.

Fall Print Tunic Dress

If you want a more “classic autumn” colored print, then you can’t go wrong with this 70s vibe top from Moonsoon. Folkloric floral are beautifully displayed on this autumn top, making it a perfect escape from plaid.

Monsoon Arianne Print Top

Perhaps on of my favorite prints is this marble one from Topshop. It’s a unique standout way to dress for fall.

TOPSHOP Marble Print Shirt

Plaid is fine, but there are other prints out there that work great with the season. This year, I’m stepping away from the ordinary and embracing so more bolder unique prints.

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Grey Days in Autumn

Grey days in Autumn

ONLY short dress, 38 CAD / Boohoo skater dress, 27 CAD / Uniqlo dress, 72 CAD / Topshop sweater dress, 100 CAD / Pocket dress, 285 CAD

Our style gets darker as the days get shorter. Maybe we feel a little dreary, maybe we just like to mix in darker hues into our looks. But come autumn you see richer darker colors. I’ve always thought you can still wear bright tones even in the dead of winter but I can’t help gravitating towards grey when autumn approaches. It’s just such a versatile color.

A grey colored dress can be added to bright red heels to give you a pop of color. Grey lets you add colorful statement accessories without looking too overdone.

The Nora Dress from Toast shows us that grey doesn’t have to be boring and drab. I love the Rose print incorporated into the wool; perfect for fall.

Grey days don’t have to be any less stylish. There’s nothing wrong with a little less color.

To add to your grey skies day, here’s an autumn dark tune from the neighborhood

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Print Scaves For Fall


Scarves are nothing new for fall, but this year instead of sticking to solids and the odd strip pattern, I thought I’d try some multicolors and prints. Our wardrobs can get so dark and drab once the weather starts to get cool, so having a colorful scarf can really help to add some color to one’s look. I like all the scarves featured in this post, especially the Pieces Ismo tube scarf. The blue mixed with the flower print is just the thing to keep my outfits from the ‘dark’ ages this fall.

PIECES Ismo Tube Scarf  Paul Smith Dip Dye Scarf    Kami Bleu Silk Scarf (Get 10% off with the coupon code BOTICCA10) Beige & Turquoise Leopard Scarf Nude floral chiffon scarf




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I like sushi!

sushitopI got excited when I saw this top because I really do like sushi. I also felt the top was cute. But I’m a little puzzled as to why there is a mouse on rice. It would make more sense to me if it was fish. Why can’t the cat eat fish LOL. Well regardless, the top looks warm. It can be found here


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