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Why TheCosmetist.com is not your average beauty website


The internet is strewn with beauty blogs and cosmetic websites but most of them are not owned and operated by real pharmacists or cosmeticians. The Cosmetist.com however is one blog where you can get beauty advice from a doctor of pharmacy. I learned about this website not long ago, but I’m already a fan of it for a several reasons.

1. Written by a real cosmetician. The fact that this blog is kept by a doctor makes it stand apart from a majority of the beauty blogs out there. To use myself as example, I love beauty products but I’m not a pharmacist. There’s information that I can’t share with my readers because I’m not privy to it. The Cosmetist on the other hand  offers great advice that only someone who has worked in the industry would know, making it a trusted source for cosmetic and skin care information.

2. Highly Informative. The blog is dedicated to bringing you information about beauty and skin care, and it’s one of the most informative blogs I’ve come across for this industry.  The Cosmetist hails from France, and if there’s one thing most of us can agree on it’s that French beauty care is renowned. French pharmacists know their stuff and can ensure you make the right decisions for your beauty regime. If you can’t go to a French pharmacy, then head over to the website to get some of the best information about cosmetics and anti-aging.

3. Wonderfully written. You may be thinking that a website written by a doctor will be an overly complicated bore to read, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Cosmetist brings you information and awareness in an amusing, lighthearted, easy to understand style of writing. Even if you aren’t a die hard makeup fan you can enjoy this website simply for the posts. Each article is humorous, inspiring as well as informative.

4. Answers your questions. One of the favorite aspects of this website is that you can send in your own beauty and cosmetic related questions to be answered. Not many beauty bloggers do this. Most beauty bloggers simply write about their hauls and give product reviews, but don’t go out of their way to solve the beauty related issues of their readers. This is how I feel a real beauty website should be. It should connect with its readers and be willing to answer their questions the way The Cosmetist does.

If you want sound beauty advice, from a real doctor then you need to visit The Cosmetist and sign up for it’s newsletter. You’ll get great advice and inspiration to keep you looking and feeling beautiful.

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Kawaii Beauty Collection

I’m a sucker for cute packaging! I just help it; when I see cute little faces on beauty items I melt and am compelled to bring those cutsey products home with me. Most of the time, I don’t even use them because I don’t want to disturb their cute. I know it’s very silly, but I can’t help it. Over the past little while, I’ve collected some kawaii items and thought it would be fun to share them via the video below. Some of the products are discontinued, but the ones that are available can be found at the links below.

Beauty without cruelty blush

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Brush set

Jill Stuart Compact Blush

It’s Skin Babyface petit blusher

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist

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BA-STAR Diamond Kit Review


BA-STAR was kind enough to send me their diamond star dust mineral shadow and glue shadow base to review. If you’d like you can watch my review in the video below. The video review covers my first impressions of the products while this post offers my pros and cons after having worn the products. Also, be sure to use the promo code BBDUST to get 50% off.

Diamond Star Dust ShadowDSCF5950


Longwear: One of the things I love about BA-STAR in general is how long-lasting their makeup is. They create makeup that is suited for performers or models, hence their makeup holds up under extreme conditions such as heat from lights or sweating. I didn’t have to touch up my shadow for about 5 hours and my look held up in the summer heat.

Easy to remove: Even though the makeup lasts, it’s not a chore to remove. For some of my other long-lasting shadows, I’ll have to really rub to clear the makeup, but BA-STAR’s diamond star dust shadow comes of quite effortlessly.

Easy to apply and work with: Honestly speaking, I’m not a makeup artist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to create fun or glamorous looks once in a while. I like how this shadow let me try out different looks with minimal effort. It’s highly pigmented, goes on smooth, and works well with my other makeup products.


Packaging:  I don’t like the cap. It’s difficult to open at first, causing some of the shadow to fly around. It’s not a deal breaker since one simply has to be careful, but I’m clumsy and would have prefered an easier to open container.

Colors: I wish they offered more colors with their mineral shadow. I do like the soft shimmer they offer and would like to see it in a few more colors.

Glue Shadow Base


New staple: This product has quickly become a fave. I love it! It’s purpose is to ensure your shadow stays put and it does just that but the texture makes it ever more perfect for shadows with shimmer or glitter. My look didn’t smudge or budge for the 5 hours I had it on.

Not sticky: I was worried that this base would be a “glue” like consistency, but it’s not sticky. It’s a little tacky at first, but it goes on smooth, dries clear, and isn’t greasy or sticky.

Easy to use: The applicator makes this liquid base really simple to use. I applied it to my brow bone, upper lid and a little on my shoulders. Then I applied my shadow, or shimmer powder (for shoulders and arms), while it was still moist.

Cons: None

Overall: I liked both the products and would purchase them. I’d get a darker color for the mineral eye shadow, for myself but the diamond one was still manageable for my look.

Until September 30, BA-STAR is offering 50% off your order with the code BBDUST!

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Aubrey Blue Green Algae Soothing Mask Review

AUB-04805-7The Aubrey Blue Green Algae Soothing Mask is toted as being an organic facial mask that will sooth stressed skin while gently exfoliating. I’ve been using it for a little over a month and wanted to share a review highlighting some of the pros and cons of this facial product.


No skin irriatation: Over the past couple years, my skin has become sensitive, breaking out over virtually every product. I’m happy to say however that Aubrey’s blue green algae soothing mask does not irritate my skin at all. Instead, it makes my skin feel soothed and suble.

Moisturising: This product contains grapeseed extract and that may count for the fact that this product is not drying on the skin. Unlike other facial masks that dry hard like clay, this one is very creamy and does not dry out. While on, my skin feels very moisturized and warm (the product feels like a warming mask).

Soothing: While I wouldn’t say this product is a miracle product that gets rid of acne or blemishes, it does not add to pre-existing ones. The mask opens up the pores and gets out impurites which helps to improve the look of the skin. I find the benefits are subtle. It’s the type of mask that you add to your ongoing skin care regime, but I wouldn’t use it alone to tame skin problems. It works well with other products and helps to change the texture of your skin in subtle ways so over time your skin looks and feels better. One thing I will say is it did greatly reduce the size of my pores!


I didn’t have any real cons with this product, but if I had to choose I’d have to name price as a factor. It often sells for 10+ dollars and can really only be found online so you’d have to consider shipping costs. But you can find it on vitacost and get a couple dollars off. Those who are looking for a product that dramatically improves their skin may also be a little disappointed because this product, while helpful, does not immediately change your skin.

Overall: I love this product! Personally, I find it works great as part of my skin care regime. It’s easy to use. Contains no harmful products and I consider it much more cost friendly than other products that perform similarly and/or contain the same ingredients. I wish I could get it locally, but I am willing to dish out the shipping costs to have this product. I recommend it to anyone looking to add an organic mask to their facial care regime.

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LUSH Cosmetics Hello Gorgeous Gift Set Review

For those that don’t know, LUSH cosmetics is a bath and beauty company that focuses on homemade and natural products. They offer a variety of products from skincare to bath and shower, and just about everything in between to keep you clean and looking fresh. My favorite items from them are there gifts sets because they give me a chance to try new products or get prepackaged old faves.  Above is a video of a giftset I got as present. It’s special for two reasons.

1) It is a re-vamped of an old gift of the same name “Hello Gorgeous”

2) It has a product in it that can only be found in the giftset.

Check out the video to see my unboxing and review.

To view the old giftset for fun. (it can no longer be purchased) check out the video below.

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This Month’s Deal

CARGO Eye Pencil Eyeliner, Wood .4 oz (1.1 g)

Item is new and has never been used.

Color: EP-82 Black

Price: $6.00 USD (Retails for $16)

Shipping: Free


You must be subscriber to be eligible for this deal

First comment below gets the item

I accept payment through PayPal only

An invoice will be sent to your  with billing information.

You have 48 hours to pay for the item otherwise the item will go to the next commente

I ship internationally

I ship with 3 days


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You don’t want to miss this!

In an effort to clear out some of my things, and save my lovely followers a lot of money, I’m hosting monthly blog deals.

Once a month, there will be a product up for grabs.

If the product has not been used, it will be at least 25% off regular retail price.

If the product has been used it is FREE or is at least 75% off (this applies if I’ve used the item less than 3 times). For free items, you simply have to pay for shipping.

I’ll also offer bulk goodies, mainly unused cosmetics samples, which will ALWAYS be $5 for 5 items, regardless of how much the items are worth.

Items for sale will include, beauty products, bath products, bags, accessories,  cute sationtionary, and perfume/body mist.

You MUST be a subscriber to participate (I will check) and shipping may apply to some, but not all, items.

Due to customs, some products will not be available for certain countries i.e. I will not ship nail polish to the U.S.

The item is given to the first person who comments on the product post.

I accept payment through PayPal

An invoice will be sent to you with billing information.

You have 48 hours to pay for the item otherwise the item will go to the next commenter.

Be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss the deals!!!


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