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Get Style Inspiration from #MontrealGotStyle


Montreal Got Style is an Instagram page and a Facebook page that honors men’s fashion in Montreal. However, they do showcase ladies fashion too. But besides being a Montreal Style page, what exactly sets them apart from the countless other fashion pages? The cultural diversity that the featured fashions present us with.

Montreal can easily be called Canada’s fashion capital. The folks there are stylish and aren’t afraid to experiment with the latest trends. It’s a great place to discover up and coming designers and gain inspiration from fashion lovers. By following the page you can become privy to what’s hot on the Montreal fashion scene.  But Montreal is also a cultural hub, where people from all over the world pay tribute to their culture via fashion and style.

That’s why I love #Montrealgotstyle. Fashion is not just about clothes; it’s a way to learn about the world, explore different forms of cultural identities, celebrate the fashion contributions of other cultures, and connect with those who share your sense of style. #Montrealgotstyle has cleverly created an Instagram page that does all this.

The page is a collection of different styles and trends. From the Montreal urban fashion scene to the unique fashions found in the African cultures that call Montreal home, your feed will display beautiful pictures of beautifully styled people.

If you enjoy fashion and culture then you’ll love Montrealgotstyle. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook

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Interview with Rising New Talent and Creater of Bano eeMee

Socially conscious, beautifully tailored, and ultra feminine, Bano eeMee is a brand that immediately captured my heart. The pieces from the 2012 F/W  collection for example scream sophistication and modern elegance. The collection is an edgy twist on timeless classic styles. I had the opportunity to meet the man behind Bano eeMee, Aleem Arif, and was privileged enough to be granted an interview with him. Down to earth, passionate about his work, and rising quickly on the Canadian fashion scene–I give you Aleem of Bano eeMee:

Please tell me a bit about yourself: name, affiliations, pets?

Just a regular guy living in Calgary and loving every minute of my journey as an emerging Canadian fashion designer. I used to have a happy go lucky golden Labrador ‘Rusty’ was so heart broken when I lost him that there have been no pets for me since.

How did you come up with the name Bano eeMee?

Haha knew you’d ask me that. Bano is what my grandma used to call mum and eeMee is what my mom calls me when she’s really happy with me.

Bano eeMee encapsulates the love I have for two generations of women in my family and the line is dedicated to these two wonderful ladies 🙂

One thing that really stood out with your collection was the merging of old and new, such as a classic trench getting an edgy twist. Was this your original concept for your designs and what made you lean towards that style?

Having no formal fashion training I always feel disconnected when designers put designs on the ramp that are not wearable or practical. When designing, I want people to feel connected to my designs and get excited because they can see themselves wearing each and every piece in my collection.

What can you be found doing on a typical Saturday afternoon?

At a coffee shop with my friends talking about fashion, fun and life.

To go from Finance to designer is a major shift; did you have any reservations about the decision?

Haha yeah that was quite a switch but what’s life without a little bit of adventure.

Is there any advice you could give to someone also looking to shift into the fashion industry?

Believe in yourself, strive hard, be open to learning and it will happen.

Besides Bano eeMee, what else do you do?

Bano eeMee is my work and also my hobby so I never get bored planning new things and developing designs etc but whenever I have some time to spare I love to catch a movie or eat out with friends.

Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

From people around me. This is why my designs are so wearable and relatable. Also from my mum: a driven, confident woman.

What are your future plans with Bano eeMee?

I feel immensely privileged to be a Calgary based designer. My goal is to make Bano eeMee available in every major Canadian city and represent the Western Canadian fashion on a national level.

Where can readers go to find out more about you and your work?

Check out the Bano eeMee website www.BanoeeMee.com or follow me on twitter @Bano_eeMee to check what shenanigans I might be up to  😛

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