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POTD (products of the day) Featuring NARS

Every now and then (when I remember) I do a video diary of the products I used during the day. It’s a way for me to keep track of what products I like and which ones to avoid. It’s also a fun to share product review with others. For this July sunny friday, the products are all beauty and cosmetic related and therefore I thought I’d post them here on my style blog. Below is a product list and links of the items featured in the video.

1. Guerlain KissKiss

2. Infinite Aloe Skin Care

3. Sephora Colorful Blush

4. Degree with sea salt

5. co bigelow mentha lip shine

6. Coverfx foundation

7. bath and body signature vanilla berry

8. NARS orgasm illuminator

9. Palmer’s coco butter with vitamin e

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Why TheCosmetist.com is not your average beauty website


The internet is strewn with beauty blogs and cosmetic websites but most of them are not owned and operated by real pharmacists or cosmeticians. The Cosmetist.com however is one blog where you can get beauty advice from a doctor of pharmacy. I learned about this website not long ago, but I’m already a fan of it for a several reasons.

1. Written by a real cosmetician. The fact that this blog is kept by a doctor makes it stand apart from a majority of the beauty blogs out there. To use myself as example, I love beauty products but I’m not a pharmacist. There’s information that I can’t share with my readers because I’m not privy to it. The Cosmetist on the other hand  offers great advice that only someone who has worked in the industry would know, making it a trusted source for cosmetic and skin care information.

2. Highly Informative. The blog is dedicated to bringing you information about beauty and skin care, and it’s one of the most informative blogs I’ve come across for this industry.  The Cosmetist hails from France, and if there’s one thing most of us can agree on it’s that French beauty care is renowned. French pharmacists know their stuff and can ensure you make the right decisions for your beauty regime. If you can’t go to a French pharmacy, then head over to the website to get some of the best information about cosmetics and anti-aging.

3. Wonderfully written. You may be thinking that a website written by a doctor will be an overly complicated bore to read, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Cosmetist brings you information and awareness in an amusing, lighthearted, easy to understand style of writing. Even if you aren’t a die hard makeup fan you can enjoy this website simply for the posts. Each article is humorous, inspiring as well as informative.

4. Answers your questions. One of the favorite aspects of this website is that you can send in your own beauty and cosmetic related questions to be answered. Not many beauty bloggers do this. Most beauty bloggers simply write about their hauls and give product reviews, but don’t go out of their way to solve the beauty related issues of their readers. This is how I feel a real beauty website should be. It should connect with its readers and be willing to answer their questions the way The Cosmetist does.

If you want sound beauty advice, from a real doctor then you need to visit The Cosmetist and sign up for it’s newsletter. You’ll get great advice and inspiration to keep you looking and feeling beautiful.

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Kiss Me Valentine

Kiss me Valentine

It is that time of year again; time to pucker up and say I love you. Well, many do that anyway without a holiday but Valentine’s day is a good excuse to don on some rouge. Admittedly, shades of red don’t touch my lips too often, simply because I prefer pink lipsticks, but even I get a craving for bold red lips when February rolls around.
Above are some fantastic lipsticks and lipglosses to make you kiss worthy. I love the packaging of the Yves Saint Laurent shiny gloss and the e.l.f lipstick is so affordable! Whether you want to give your partner sweet kisses or maybe even the kiss off, lovely red lips are perfect for the occasion.
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BA STAR Holiday Sale

 photo HolidaySale299.jpg

BA STAR is treating my blog readers to a huge sale! They are having a 48 hour pre-Thanksgiving blowout sale where you’ll be able to purchase their makeup, accessories, and bling for just $2.99! I’ve reviewed this company a couple times on here and I love their products. The sale starts Tuesday November 26th and ends 6:00am Thanksgiving morning so be sure to check it out.

Read my reviews for the products:

BA-STAR Diamond Kit Review

BA STAR Eye Shadow Review

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Cat Chu Wink Dupe Kawaii Lipstick

catlipstick1catlipstick2If you’re anything like me, you like your cute packaging when it comes to beauty products. It’s one of the reasons I fall for brands like Tony Moly. They came out with an adorable cat shaped liptint a while back, that I wished I could have. Sadly, Tony Moly is a Korean Brand and isn’t sold in my area, and it’s also a little pricey–especially if you’re taking a gamble online. Thus, I turned to aliexpress to help me find some kawaii cosmetics, and while browsing, I came across Manshili’s cat lipbalm which reminded me a lot of Tony Moly’s cat chu wink liptint and lipstick.

For just 2.66 I snatched it up! Below is a review of the product but I’ll just say now, I would buy this again. I love the packaging and the product itself is lovely.


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Summer Faves

I know summer isn’t over yet, but I thought it’d be a better idea to do this post now before the chill of autumn caused me to completely forget to write it. Summer this year was a feast. I overate, overspent, and overshopped on multiple occasions. But with all my purchases came some distinct favorites that I wanted to share.

paulachoice1. Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum: I don’t think I can live without product! To say it works well is an understatement. The product claims to fight multiple signs of aging. I’m in my twenties so to be honest, aging signs are not on my check list, but I do want my skin to stay young and fresh and this produt is exactly what my skin asked for. It shrinks my pores, giving me a very smooth and texture. It helped reduce my breakouts and gave my skin a beautiful healthy glow. I love this serum! Regardless of its hefty price, I will continue to buy it.

2. Lush Vanilla De-Lite: vanilladeeliteThis body lotion was a sweet smelling treat for summer. Much like one would expect, it smells like vanilla, but it isn’t an overly sweet cupcake type of vanilla scent; there’s a freshness to it which may be contributed to by the kiwi and coconut water that are used to make the body lotion. I wouldn’t use the this in winter, for I don’t find it to be the most moisturizing lotion, but in summer it’s perfect.

bastarsmoky3. BA Star smoky eye palatte: I reviewed this eye shadow palette here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it was a summer hit. It’s easy to get a great smoky eye with this palette and the highly pigmented colors stay on for several hours, which is great during the summer when all you want to do is have fun and not worry if your look is still flawless.

lancombhypnose4. Lancomb Hypnose mascara: This has become my favorite mascara. I bought it via the recomendation of the sales girl and I’m glad she suggested it. It  makes my lashes look beautiful! The brush of the hypnose mascara allows you to get long dark lashes that mimic false eye lashes–but without looking fake. It doesn’t irrate my eyes and I don’t have to put on several coats to get the effect I’m going for. It also lasts all day, doesn’t clump, and gives great definition. I can’t say enough about it. It’s just an amazing product.

5. Micha Boots from Alloy.com:michaboot I bought the Micha boot on a whim, thinking they would be a cute item to wear to a summer festival…but…I’VE BEEN LIVING IN THEM! You can read my full review of them here, but I simply love these boots. They do have some flaws, which you can read about in my review but all in all they were a summer hit. They go with almost any summer outfit and I recieved a ton of compliments on them.

6. Mori girl style: Mori means forest in Japanese; mori girl style is a style that is inspired by a girl who lives in the forest or a small cottage in the country side. It’s a style that I’ve become obsessed with! I actually have been dressing mori girl for years without knowing that what the style was called or that it had it’s own subculture (thanks Japan for giving every style a subculture or every subculture a style). Mori girls wear looser fitting clothes, earthy tones, and the clothing pieces often have embrodairy, lace, kitting, or patchwork detail. It is similar to boho, but mori girl has a more vintage look about it. Layering is also important in mori girl. It’s a style that can be hit or miss but it is also can look very prarie girl chic when done right.


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BA STAR Eye Shadow Review


I was recently introduced to a hot new makeup company: BA STAR. The  company offers a variety of beauty supplies and tools to help you get the perfect look for any occasion. I took the liberty of purchasing their smoky eye shadow palette and found that even an armature makeup user like myself can playfully experiment with the rich beautiful colors offered in their palette. My eyes had just the right amount of “sexy sparkle” for a night on the town. The palette contains

  • 3  Mineral Shadows. Charcoal, Diamond, Grey
  • 2 Gel Glitters. Black & Crystal
  • Double Applicator.

I adore the fact that the palette offers both mineral and gel glitters. This lets you experiment and create a plethora of different looks. Simply by mixing the different shadows you can change your look from “deeply sophisticated” to “glam girl.” It’s not often I achieve this with just one small palette. The packaging makes it easy to take it along with me, in case I need to touch up. However, I found my look lasted the whole night, even without a primer.

I love this palette and can’t wait to try other palettes from the company. The only con I found was the shipping price for international shipping. BA STAR’s products are very affordable, so if you purchase large quantities or do a group buy it works in your favor, but if you simply buy one palette, the costs outweigh the item itself.

I do recommend the product however, and because I love a good deal, all my readers get 50% off their purchase of a palette!

Simply type in the code BBSMOKY at checkout for 50% off

Visit the link below to visit the site now

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This Month’s Deal

CARGO Eye Pencil Eyeliner, Wood .4 oz (1.1 g)

Item is new and has never been used.

Color: EP-82 Black

Price: $6.00 USD (Retails for $16)

Shipping: Free


You must be subscriber to be eligible for this deal

First comment below gets the item

I accept payment through PayPal only

An invoice will be sent to your  with billing information.

You have 48 hours to pay for the item otherwise the item will go to the next commente

I ship internationally

I ship with 3 days


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Glymm May Beauty Sample Box Unboxing/Review

Glymm decided to do a few things differntly this month, which you can see in the video, but one thing that hasn`t changed is the quality of the products. I did like this Glymm bag despite there being a couple products that I was excited about recieving. Check out the video though to see if Glymm`s now $12.00 price tage for their month subscription is worth it.


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March Hits and Miss

March has always been that icky month that I can’t wait to get over with. I happily step into April with March Madness behind me. But I can’t help looking back a bit to reminisce. despite not liking March, I did like a number of products that bought/used during the month. Check out the video below to see what got my approval and dislike in March.


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