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Bad Attitude T-shirts

bad attitude

Crop top, 49 CAD / White top, 47 CAD / Crop top, 44 CAD / Black top, 13 CAD / Crop top

Ever have those days when you want to send a strong leave-me-alone message to the world? Do it with a tshirt. The tshirts above are fun and functional. They quickly converse how you’re feeling on those moody bad days. Sure everyone might think you have a bad attitude, but you look¬† good so does it really matter.

Best part is these tshirts are all under $50, so you can get your rude girl style on without going broke. I personally find them humorous and a cheeky take on the graphic tee.

Fashion is still a way to speak out and express yourself. Some days, you just don’t have anything nice to say. On those days, bite your tongue and let your style do the communicating for you.

You can pair these tops with almost anything, which is one of the reason why I like them. You might wear a cute skirt with charming accessories to let the world in on your bitter-sweet side. Or you can keep it simple with some jeans and a beanie to stay casual  while still expressing your mood.

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Looking Sheepish

Looking sheepish

Before I jump into the post, I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with polyvore on firefox? If so, please leaves comments below so I know it’s not just me.

Now on with the celebrations! Kung Hei Fat Choi or Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to create an outfit in honour of the Year Of The Sheep. All the items above are either inspired by those cute woolly animals or made from them.

I would wear this to celebrate any festival, or just meet up with friends. The ankle boots are perfect for any occasion, while the red sheep clutch is a stylish and quirky way to acknowledge the holiday.

I hope everyone has a happy, wealthy and prosperous new year

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Fashion Fan Club Clutch


This vegan faux leather clutch from modcloth is both quriky and flirtatious. I’m not sure it can’t carry much, but it would be a lovely accessory to own. I think the shape is unique and the golden tassel is a nice touch to make it stand out as a conversation piece. It’s just so chic and looks even more so in the set below by elske88 on polyvore.


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Dinner with the boss

Truth be told, I haven’t been impressed with a lot of the fashion items and designs available lately. Everything seemed so blah. But on ricketyrack.com I found a dress that reinstilled my faith in the fashion industry, or least offered me something to ogle. The Secretary Sparler Dress is chic, sexy, fun, and perfect for a number of events…including dinner with the boss. Some simple plateform shoes and a trendy box clutch help tie the look together. I love the peterpan collar, which give it a vintage feel. But the the sparkles and sheer top make it less pretty prep school and more grown up glam.

Set by me. Check out the accessories here


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Pink and Blue Spring Inspiration

Nature offers some great inspiration for designers and stylists and style seekers a like. I know in the future I’ll be posting a number of looks inspired by nature. This paticular one I saw on polyvore.com created by sphaeryl. The fashion items choosen replicate the colors i n phot beautifully, reminding us that nature is the number one stylist. The pink and blue are a perefect pair for spring. Dolce and Gabana must also find pink and blue to be an attractive duo seeing how they combined it on their handbag, which meets the bright expections set by 2012 spring fashion. The entire set is lovely, simple, and a great inspiration for spring


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