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Trend: Wearing the Woods

I don’t know what it is about spring time, but it always makes me seek out woodland themed garments. Maybe it’s the birth of baby fawns and little foxes around the forest that just make me want to dress up in forest themed clothes and head out with my camera to catch a glimpse of all the flowers and furry creatures. Here are some wood land pieces that have caught my eye. foxscarf

This pretty fox scarf is from Decembermonologue.com. Besides the fact that is it woodland, there are two things I really like about this scarf. It is really affordable. It’s only $10. The second thing that made me want to feature it is that it is book merch. The scarf is a limited quantity and was created for a novel written by December. The story is ongoing at the moment, and it’s about a girl that has a magical scarf with the ability to turn its wearer invisible. This scarf doesn’t have that power, because everytime I wear it I get noticed and everyone compliments me.


Woodland Muse Long sleeve Playsuit-BROWN-S

I adore jumpers and playsuits  so I couldn’t resist this woodland muse one that I found on stylemoi.nu. This is definitely a playsuit to visit baby fawn in.
Woodland Creature Long Full Light and Aviary Skirt

Modcloth is a great place to find lovely woodland themed garments and this pleated skirt is no exception. The owl and floral print puts me in the mood for picnics in the meadow during dusk.
Max Mara Woodland print dress

This is the most expensive item in the list, but it is just beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel one with nature. I think one could easily feel transported to a magical forest with water falls and lush trees with this dress on, even if they were stuck in a busy office with mounds of paper work.
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Want: Denim Overall Shorts

Denim Overalls

While walking in the mall, I caught sight of a pair of denim overall shorts that seemed to beckoning me over. The ones I saw were similar to the first pair, in terms of color but the style were closer in comparison to the last one in this post. Alas, the store was sold out in my size and I left feeling almost mocked by the overalls. It did remind however, of how much I adore overall shorts. They can be the perfect casual throw ons for spring and summer. They’re great for lounging around in a lawn chair with a good book, or going out with friends for junk food and icecream. Overall shorts make me embrace summer.

With the right accessories, you can take a plain pair of denim overalls and turn them into something fit for a fashionista. I was originally going to feature just the middle outfit, but I decided to create two more due to the fact that there are so many versions of denim overall shorts out now and it’s interesting to see the kinds of looks you can create with them.

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Pining for Pink Lace

Pink Lace

Maybe it’s because I’m a partial girly girl, but I love the color pink. The ultra feminine color is perfect for springtime. The only thing that can make it even more girlish is to match it with lace, as seen in the clothes above. I love the marriage of the two. There is something so sweet and innocent looking about pink lace. Yet, it’s also very sexy.

The darker pink hue used in the dress is hot but it’s juxtaposed by sweet scallop edges that make the skirt practically scream “I’m a lady.”

I notice that in most of the garments above, flowers were chosen. This makes them seem ever more distinctly feminine.

When I look at each piece, I imagine myself taking a stroll in a park full of cherry blossoms and feeling unapologetically girly.

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Darker Florals

gothy florals

I think when most people think of floras, they think of bright red roses or a sunny yellow wild flowers. But there’s a darker side to flowers, one that is just as beautiful. The black velvet kimono is a striking statement piece that would be perfect for a gothic wardrobe as well as being a unique way of incorporating florals into an outfit. We are often trained to associate certain colors with femininity (usually lighter, softer tones) but I can’t think of anything more feminine than the beautiful blue and black floral corset hugging your womanly curves.
Darker florals can often be more textured, artistic, and fashion forward. While springtime colors are beautiful for the season, there’s another kind of beauty in the darkness and mystery found in some of these pieces. Strength marries delicacy when we combine flowers with rich dark hues and the union is perfection. Just checkout some of these chic individuals in their florals.
gothy florals 2
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Blue Florals

blue florals

Blue flowers always remind me of something vintage. When I see a gathering of blue flowers on a garment I feel like I’m stepping back in time. The fabric and design can be as modern as ever, but I still an old feel for it. The floral jumpsuit for instance is very ‘today’ and yet I can picture it on girl in the 40’s as she dances with her friends on a summer evening. Maybe I should chop it down to blue florals being timeless and classic.
Blue is a reliable shade and that may have something to do with it being a classic and vintage inspiring color. Perhaps it’s reliability is also why so many people choose it as a favorite color. I love when I see it as the color choice for a floral print. I wish I had blue floral prints lining my closet to melt away my winter blues.
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Pink Florals

Pink Florals

Looking out the window, it’s hard to imagine that we’re supposed to be heading towards spring. It feels like we’ll be stuck in a perpetual winter, but the shops and designers keep urging me to think about warm weather. Perhaps it’s because I am deeply longing for spring, I’m being drawn to bold floral prints. I love colorful florals anytime of the year, but with such a harsh winter I thought it would be nice to focus a few posts on some lovely spring-inducing flowers. Pink florals are some of my favorites. They’re feminine, but set against black or another dark color  they can become fashionably edgy and wild; like untamed roses. The Madden Girl floral boots are both grungy and girly, and the crop top is a sexy way to wear florals.
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Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

WeAreHairyPeople is an etsy shop that offers hand painted clothing like the top above. I stumbled upon it recently and was smitten not just by this top but several of the items in the shop. This hand painted galaxy tee however is perfect for spring. I love the colors! It’s beautifully handpainted and designed. To me, it looks like one of those tops that you didn’t know you needed, until you have it and then it becomes all you ever wear. For those trying out the soft grunge look, or if you just like to be among the stars, this tee is a great fit for the wardrobe.

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Over the moon for these Overalls




Years ago, I saw a red pair of skinny overalls on a Korean singer and I couldn’t let it go. But until recently I haven’t been able to find a pair that made me swoon as much as I saw on her.

I was browsing on tumblr and saw a photo of the perfect pair of overalls. I squeeled in delight…then I cried from the heartbreak of finding out they are sold out. *Sigh* If they ever come back in stock, I’m stocking up! They’re from a website called the white pepper, and I’m assuming that’s the brand.

What I love about them is the cross between vintage and modern. You know how some overalls scream retro that you couldn’t wear them out without looking like you stepped out of an 80’s time machine. Others, that are modern, aren’t versatile. They’re either too laid back, so one can’t dress them, or they’re made of some awful material like pleather. These ones are so…chic!

Although I missed out on those ones,  I did buy a pair of skinny leg overalls from a different site. They were a lot cheaper and hopefully they’ll be just as cute in person. I’ll update when they arrive.

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Glymm May Beauty Sample Box Unboxing/Review

Glymm decided to do a few things differntly this month, which you can see in the video, but one thing that hasn`t changed is the quality of the products. I did like this Glymm bag despite there being a couple products that I was excited about recieving. Check out the video though to see if Glymm`s now $12.00 price tage for their month subscription is worth it.


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Interview With Style Inspiration: YOUTH AGAINST FASHION

As much as I love girly fun styles, a lot of my style inspirations come from males such as Francesco. Best known by his chictopian name youthagainstfashion, he is a style blogger, painter, creator of INVERTED COMMAS totes and a style inspiration for many.

I discovered him on Chictopia, where I fell in love with his sense of style. I admire the way he layers and combines graphic tees with chic jackets or vests, making everything work in an interesting yet classy way.

In addition to being a style icon, he also paints whimsical pictures on totes. Much like his style, his totes are both simple yet creative. I got the opportunity to interview Francesco to learn more about him, his style and his shop. Check out the interview below.

Tell me a bit about yourself: name, location, affiliations, pets?

 I’m Francesco, I’m 29 and I’m currently living in Florence, Italy. I work mostly as a teacher and as a free lance illustrator; last fall I’ve opened my online shop where canvas tote bags with my original illustrations are available

What can you be found doing on a typical Saturday afternoon?

I work quite hard during weekdays, so on Saturday I usually try to relax a little. I take care of my online shop and I enjoy some spare time with friends watching a movie or visiting an exhibition. I like to stay at home too, especially during the winter season

What are 3 of your favorite places to shops?

I’d say Zara, H&M and Sisley are the shops where I shop more often. I love shopping online too.

What made you first decide to create totes and how did you find out about etsy?

I already knew Etsy as a buyer, I use to shop there for vintage stuff like ties, bow-ties and brooches. I was looking for a project in which I could express myself as easily as I can, since I work a lot during the week, I wanted something that could be mine all mine. I love painting, I’ve made lots of paintings since my school years, they’re all pretty big and expensive, so this time I thought I wanted my art to be more mainstream and cheaper, I wanted my art to reach more and more people. So I see those white tote bags as little canvas where I can paint on. I hope to keep the concept INVERTED COMMAS was born with.

Your totes are creative and playful, as well as colorful. They remind me of a chidren’s book. Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

Inspiration comes from my every day life, my personal experience and background. They’re all like characters and players of my own world. I’ve always loved bright colors for my paintings, it has never been something I’ve thought about, those colors just come out from me in a pretty natural way.

What inspired your shop name: Inverted Commas?

It was pretty hard to find a name for my shop. I wanted something catchy. In the end I thought I should have chosen something personal, so I came up with INVERTED COMMAS because in Italian I say “in inverted commas” so many times a day, my friends make fun of me for this; so I thought this could work, also because it belongs to me.

What are your future plans for Inverted Commas?

I’m about to launch a new round of tote bags, I’ve been working on new illustrations those past months so I’m pretty excited to finally show them. I’ve lots of ideas for INVERTED COMMAS, I’d love to collaborate with other designers, that’s an option I’d love to try. But I need some time to figure out how this could work, and I’m pretty busy….so I guess this will take some months!

Do you have a style tip you live by?

Well, I always try to dress up every day but I’m often in a hurry , so I think that you need to think of details. A nice detail can make stand out a plain outfit: so I try to add brooches, rings, scarves…

How has your style evolved?

When I was younger, like a teen-ager, I honestly didn’t care a lot about the way I looked. I started getting into fashion later, when I got interested in Fashion Photography; from there I started becoming more self conscious about my looks, and I began taking some fashion risks…now I feel a bit old (!) so I try to dress in a very clean way, maybe adding some quirky details sometimes.

Favorite Spring look?

I love spring because I can layer a lot, I love wearing nice printed t-shirts with a vest and a skinny black jeans, that’s my spring style I’d say!

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

You can find more about my shop on the official site: www.invertedcommas.net there you’ll find other links to stay in touch with me, I’m pretty active on Twitter: @INVERTED_COMMAS where I often tweet about fashion and music I like!


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