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Trend: Wearing the Woods

I don’t know what it is about spring time, but it always makes me seek out woodland themed garments. Maybe it’s the birth of baby fawns and little foxes around the forest that just make me want to dress up in forest themed clothes and head out with my camera to catch a glimpse of all the flowers and furry creatures. Here are some wood land pieces that have caught my eye. foxscarf

This pretty fox scarf is from Decembermonologue.com. Besides the fact that is it woodland, there are two things I really like about this scarf. It is really affordable. It’s only $10. The second thing that made me want to feature it is that it is book merch. The scarf is a limited quantity and was created for a novel written by December. The story is ongoing at the moment, and it’s about a girl that has a magical scarf with the ability to turn its wearer invisible. This scarf doesn’t have that power, because everytime I wear it I get noticed and everyone compliments me.


Woodland Muse Long sleeve Playsuit-BROWN-S

I adore jumpers and playsuits  so I couldn’t resist this woodland muse one that I found on stylemoi.nu. This is definitely a playsuit to visit baby fawn in.
Woodland Creature Long Full Light and Aviary Skirt

Modcloth is a great place to find lovely woodland themed garments and this pleated skirt is no exception. The owl and floral print puts me in the mood for picnics in the meadow during dusk.
Max Mara Woodland print dress

This is the most expensive item in the list, but it is just beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel one with nature. I think one could easily feel transported to a magical forest with water falls and lush trees with this dress on, even if they were stuck in a busy office with mounds of paper work.
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Bad Attitude T-shirts

bad attitude

Crop top, 49 CAD / White top, 47 CAD / Crop top, 44 CAD / Black top, 13 CAD / Crop top

Ever have those days when you want to send a strong leave-me-alone message to the world? Do it with a tshirt. The tshirts above are fun and functional. They quickly converse how you’re feeling on those moody bad days. Sure everyone might think you have a bad attitude, but you look  good so does it really matter.

Best part is these tshirts are all under $50, so you can get your rude girl style on without going broke. I personally find them humorous and a cheeky take on the graphic tee.

Fashion is still a way to speak out and express yourself. Some days, you just don’t have anything nice to say. On those days, bite your tongue and let your style do the communicating for you.

You can pair these tops with almost anything, which is one of the reason why I like them. You might wear a cute skirt with charming accessories to let the world in on your bitter-sweet side. Or you can keep it simple with some jeans and a beanie to stay casual  while still expressing your mood.

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Style Must Have: skinny black trousers

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What does one wear in the South of France? That’s the challenging question I had to answer for myself while there. Before leaving on the trip I had decided myself on buying a pair of black pants. You must be thinking, “can’t you buy black pants in Canada?” Well, no. Not the one’s I was looking for. I call them “Paris pants,” as I had seen them on virtually every girl during Paris Fashion week a few years back, and convinced myself that they were still in fashion. Turns out my fashion radar was bang on because while in Nice, Monaco, and Lyon I saw them on plenty of stylish girls. I must have spent half my time in Monaco looking for a pair of these glorious must have trousers, but it was worth it when I finally found them in United Colors  of Benetton.

So what makes these pants a style necessity? They are classic. They can be seen on women as early as the 1950s and have stayed pretty close to the original style since then, making them a timeless garment, much like the pencil skirt. They look good on everyone. Not one girl looked bad in the classic black trouser. It may be why they were seen all over fashion week; girls with various body shapes, height and ages could confidently wear them knowing they looked chic. They can easily be dressed up or down. There is nothing better than a versatile garment. If you need to slip on something quick to run an errand these pants work, but they’re also perfect for days when you want to look super put together. Finally, it’s ok if these pants look a little short or cropped on; they’re not supposed to be long. This is perfect for those like myself who have long legs and sometimes have pants looking awkwardly short on us.

The french have it right when it comes to building a wardrobe with staple pieces. United Colors of Benetton had a good selection of “Paris Trousers” (not the real name, it’s what I call them. Don’t go in a store asking for them; no one will know what you mean :P). But you can probably find them else where as well.


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Want: Denim Overall Shorts

Denim Overalls

While walking in the mall, I caught sight of a pair of denim overall shorts that seemed to beckoning me over. The ones I saw were similar to the first pair, in terms of color but the style were closer in comparison to the last one in this post. Alas, the store was sold out in my size and I left feeling almost mocked by the overalls. It did remind however, of how much I adore overall shorts. They can be the perfect casual throw ons for spring and summer. They’re great for lounging around in a lawn chair with a good book, or going out with friends for junk food and icecream. Overall shorts make me embrace summer.

With the right accessories, you can take a plain pair of denim overalls and turn them into something fit for a fashionista. I was originally going to feature just the middle outfit, but I decided to create two more due to the fact that there are so many versions of denim overall shorts out now and it’s interesting to see the kinds of looks you can create with them.

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White Skinny Jeans

white jeans

Is it just me or are white skinny jeans a thing this season? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I want a pair. Yes, I definitely think I want a pair. Truth be told, white always made me nervous in my youth. I wouldn’t be caught dead in strictly white jeans because I’d be dead if I got them dirty. Thus, I always stuck to darker colors when it came to jeans. But I’ve gotten over my fear and embraced the color. Perhaps the thing I love about white skinny jeans is the variety that can be found this season. There is something for every kind of fashionista. Whether you want to rock the punk rock look, or are looking to be more clean cut and sophisticated, there’s a pair of white denim for the occasion.

As a lace lover, I can’t help but to have a bit of a crush on the lace detailed capri stretch denim. And the Dr Denim Plenty Jeans are the perfect classic white skinnies. This spring, I think I’ll live adventurously and get me a pair of white denim.

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Trend: Denim Vests

Denim Vests

Every once in a while, I’ll see a fashion item that makes me reconsider my general attitude towards it. I may start out indifferent or even disliking it but at some point that fashion piece will have me obsessing. This is what seems to be happening in regards to my new interest in denim vests.

I’ve never been big on vests; I like jean jackets in moderation, but I never thought I’d approve of the combo. They just seemed so 90’s. In fact, I think I had several jean vests as a kid, and I probably disliked them all back then. Now, I want them back because the denim vest is great summer piece.

It’s a versatile piece and that’s probably where my new found love for the denim vest is arising from. I tend to gravitate towards garments and accessories that can easily be worked, recycled and revamped into a plethora of outfits. The denim vest just happens to be one of those pieces.

You can wear it in any season, but for summer you can give it some style by wearing it over a summer dress, or with a cute skirt. I also like how it treads into various different subculture styles, boho girls and grunge girls can both make use of the same denim vest, though the final look will come out different. If I can wear the same item more than once in a week without anyone noticing I’m buying it!

While I have this labelled as a trend, I think that (similar to the denim jacket or shirt) it is a piece that will be worn over and over through out the years.

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Winter Must Have: Wool Camel Colored Coat

Camel Coats

If there’s one thing I am absolutely determined to have this year it’s a wool camel coat. My ultimate goal is to find one in a thrift store, but I’m looking in a number of online shops as well. To me, it’s a winter must have. Camel colored coats not only look chic during the fall-spring months but they are also a wardrobe stable. This is because they are easy to accessorize and work into both urban and dressy outfits. Featured are some coats I would love to style this season. The Carman coat with the check skirt bottom is so fashionable. I could see with black leather ankle boots and a bowl hat. I just love it. I also love the camel coat with a hood. I generally like my coats to have hoods though. Hood or not though, I’m making it my mission to find a chic wool camel coat before the winter season is through.

For some style inspiration, check out these people wearing wool camel coats.

People in Camel Coats
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Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

WeAreHairyPeople is an etsy shop that offers hand painted clothing like the top above. I stumbled upon it recently and was smitten not just by this top but several of the items in the shop. This hand painted galaxy tee however is perfect for spring. I love the colors! It’s beautifully handpainted and designed. To me, it looks like one of those tops that you didn’t know you needed, until you have it and then it becomes all you ever wear. For those trying out the soft grunge look, or if you just like to be among the stars, this tee is a great fit for the wardrobe.

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Sexy Ankles


Ankle cuff shoes have always been in fashion and for someone like myself, who has weak ankles in heels, they add a little extra support. But never have I seen ankle cuff shoes as sexy as these! Metal cuff heels and sandals are a hot for this summer and I can’t wait! Not only are the shoes themselves fabulous but the metal cuffs take them up a notch with the built in accessory for your ankle. This is one trend I will be sporting come summer time and I actually hope it lasts a while because the subtleness of the metal cuff makes the heels wearable in a number of looks but at the same time gives your foot that head turning attitude we love.

Esteban Cortazar Metal ankle-cuff leather sandals  The Mode Collective Ankle Cuff Sandal – Vermillion Mint Fish Skin Point Flat Sandals   Giuseppe Zanotti Design ankle cuff sandal  Leather Cross Two-Tone Toe Post Flat Sandals

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Graphic Sweaters

I love graphic t-shirts and how they can make a look more fun or laid back, but when the chill of winter comes around I don’t like to be in anything but a comfy, cozy, sweater. Thank goodness some designers let me have a quirky or cute styles found in my graphic tees without compromising warmth. Graphic sweaters/sweatshirts are in this year and it’s a nice change from the typical knitted plaid or solid sweaters you see throughout the colder months. Yesstyle.com has some of the cutest collections of graphic sweaters, if you are into the more “kawaii” style. (I will be dedicating a post specifically to them). But there are plenty or styles and shops offering graphic sweaters this year. Below are few I want to curl up in.

graphicsweatersThat Sh&% Cray PINK Sweatshirt   Cream Animal Print Love Sweatshirt Wildfox – White Label Ice Witch Sweater  Black Sparkly Vampire Lips Sweater


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