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The best place to look for modelling advice


The modelling industry is one that is often shrouded in secrecy. Unless in you’re the industry it’s difficult to know how to break in and what it takes to have professional modelling career. For years, it was like a secret club where the general public was keep at bay. Even with the advent of the internet, it still wasn’t easy to get real industry advice that was honest from real models. But thanks to a great new website called Model Hideout, the curtain that used to veil the modelling industry is being lifted.

What is Model Hideout?

Model Hideout is a unique website that is packed with information for those interested in learning more about the model industry. The site isĀ  owned and operated by two professional models, Lisa Biffin and Keira Lewis. These two down to earth ladies have used their first hand experience and knowledge about modelling to put together a well thought out, easy to navigate website that offers tips, training, interviews, and current updates on the modelling industry.

What makes it unique?

There are a few reason why I really like this site and wanted to share it with you

1. Relateable: Lisa and Keira are both very relateable and very sweet. We sometimes get and image of models as being untouchable and simply out of touch with the real world. It all goes back to that secret club where if you weren’t already a member there was little chance of entering. But Lisa and Keira humanize not only the industry but models in general. I could relate to Lisa’s story when she spoke of feeling “clueless and out of my depth” after entering the modelling industry. I felt the same way and what’s more it was almost impossible to find any information about the do’s and don’t of the whole system. As I read the articles I could easily connect with them and their writing style, which leads me to reason two.

2. Easy to understand information: So many industry sites have articles that are filled with jargon or are simply a collection of pretty pictures. It’s as if they’re deliberately trying to be unhelpful. On model hideout, you’ll find great articles, and interesting interviews that give you a clear perspective of the industry without all the jargon and fluff.

3. Honest: The two ladies are honest about what it takes to break into the industry. They don’t sugar coat things or try to scare you either. They approach common question about weight, height, earnings with openness and honesty. There’s even information that you may not have thought about such as what types of shoes you should have in your kit, modelling after post pregnancy, or the inside scoop as to what pageants are really like.

Whether you’re hoping to become a professional model or are simply curious about the industry, I highly recommend checking out Model Hideout. Check out their book which takes you into the world of modelling and learn more about them and the industry via their social links below.

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