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Review: LUSH Honey Farm Wrapped Giftset

honeyfarmlushEveryone that tried lush cosmetics will soon find their favorite types of products. For me, it’s their gift sets. I like how you can try different bath and body items and they make great gifts. When my friend got me this one I squealed! I’ve always wanted to get it for myself because every product in the box is on my faves list. Even without opening the package, one can smell the honey caramel melody that is found in nearly all the products, Below is a video unboxing and review of this dessert smelling, honey inspired gift set.

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Grayson Shop Keeps You Trendy For Less


My style resolution is to spend less without comprimising my look, and with the help of I may be able to keep a resolution for once. I recently learned about this web shop and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite online shops. It’s similar to shops like forever 21 and styleforless in that it’s young and fresh. has better prices and cuter items, in my opinion. The Westertn Denim Floral Tie Front Shirt is so incredibly cute and I can’t wait to sport it this spring.


While filling my cart, I didn’t see anything over $30, which makes it a budget shopper’s dream come true. Besides the great prices, I also like how it appeals to both my trendy and classic chic side. The site has pieces that are modern and hip but it also has staple pieces that one can build their wardrobe with.

It’s also a great site for those that want to test a fashion trend for less. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wanted to try out a trend but didn’t want to spend a lot on a style fad. With, you can experiment with your look without breaking the bank. Because let’s be honest, girls go through a lot of style phases and we shouldn’t have to overspend just because of this fact.

You can get $5 off your purchase when you sign up for their newsletter. Check them out if you want cute clothes for great prices!

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Mori Girl Accessories

moriaccessoriesMori girl, or forest girl fashion is a look I can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it’s because I love woodland elements and animals so dearly, or perhaps it’s another way to keep nature within reach amidst the concrete jungle that often overpowers the landscape.

While doing a full mori girl look can make me look overdone, having some forest and nature inspired accessories is sometimes just enough to make me feel “mori girl.” It’s also a a good way to begin your mori fashion journey as well as tie your look together if you are going a full mori look.

If you prefer green green grass over glitz and glam; sweet little foxes over looking like a sexy foxy lady, and crowns of flowers rather than diamonds then you may like some of the pieces in this collection I’ve put together. These were taken from etsy, as etsy is a great place to hunt down accessories for one’s mori girl look. Not only can you find unique pieces that are handmade with elements right from the woods but you can also find items that take you away to a forest fairytale dream.

It’s also a great place to find less expensive items since many of the mori online shops from japan can be expensive. Knowing my love for this fashion style, I will featuring more items in the future. In the mean time, check out some the fun creations on etsy.

Links to the items in this collection can be here

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The WTF Fashion Magazine


Everyone is talking about it. WTF! Not What The Fish, but Wardrobe Trends Fashion!

It is the talk of town, on the lips of fashionistas from around the world. Top models, and celebrities across the globe are following the magazine too.

My favorite part of the magazine has gotta be the segment of “Who’s That Hottie”! It’s featured interviews of, as the title describes, HOTTIES!

Today’s article is specially to showcase their latest December 2013, Who’s That Hottie, LISA CROSSWHITE, the founder of fashion house, Gnossem. I totally agree with how the editor of WTF, Vanessa described Lisa, as “an icon of impeccable style and sensuality”.

In case you didn’t know already, the editor of the fashion magazine, Vanessa Emily, is so pretty! Love her to bits, I’m following her on both her Twitter (@Vanessalisious) and Instagram (@VanessaEmilyQ).

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John Charles London: A woman’s best kept secret.

John Charles London is a beautiful luxurious British fashion house where sophisticated women can fill their craving for perfectly designed women’s dresses and mother of the bride dresses. Some of the world’s most fashionable and influential  women opt for John Charles when they want to look instantaneously feminine. Yet, the brand is one of the best kept secrets among stylish women. I’ve always been able to a keep a good secret, but I just couldn’t keep quiet about John Charles London.

The three time winner of ‘Best occasion-wear’ collection has some of the most stunning  mother of the bride dresses I’ve seen lately. While I may not be a mother of the bride myself, the collection is far from matronly. Even a girl in her twenties can find an occasion for the pieces in the collection.

The dress featured above is timeless, youthful, and flexible. I could wear it to cocktail party, or a friend’s spring wedding! John Charles is the kind of brand I’ve been secretly wishing for as I to give my wardrobe a sens of maturity. The dresses are simple yet elegant and timeless but not boring. As the holiday parties are no in full swing, having one of these dresses would be perfect. In fact, even though they are classified as “mother of the bride” dresses, I think they’d make wonderful holiday and Christmas party wear.

I love John Charles London’s collection and if you like feminine elegant pieces then visit the site to see more of the collection.

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Put a bow on it

Bows for the season

I was wrapping my Christmas presents, thinking to myself “gosh I love bows.” Doesn’t matter what it is, things just look cuter with a bow on it. Take the glamorous bow prom skirt featured in this post, it’s a lovely skirt but it’s even more perfect with that big bow accenting the waist. I’d love to have it for the holidays (but it appears to be sold out at the moment).

A bow to decorate your tree is sweet; a bow to decorate your neckline is a super chic idea. The big bow necklace is a sparkly fun way to celebrate the season. Bows are great for the holidays; heck they work all year round. I could see myself carrying the Bow bag from spring to winter or walking the fashionable streets in the LANVIN bow pumps from January to September!

I hope I get a big bow accessory, wrapped in bow print paper and topped with a well tied bow for Christmas.

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Feeling Blue This Season

Blue xmas

During the holiday season, golden garlands, glamorous green trees, silvery sparkles, and hot red dresses make for a festive color scheme. But this season, I’m feeling blue. While other girls are swishing cocktails in typical Christmas colors, I’m going crazy over blue tones and prints such as the ones featured in this post.
Maybe it’s the icicles hanging from the roof top or that crisp cold scent in the air, but blue bells are ringing louder than silver ones in my mind.
I love when people go outside of the holiday norm and style their homes or themselves in a manner that makes them stand out. I’d like to rock around my Christmas tree in one of the dresses above. Do you stick to holiday colors and themes or do wear what you want regardless of the holiday?
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