Mori Girl Accessories

moriaccessoriesMori girl, or forest girl fashion is a look I can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it’s because I love woodland elements and animals so dearly, or perhaps it’s another way to keep nature within reach amidst the concrete jungle that often overpowers the landscape.

While doing a full mori girl look can make me look overdone, having some forest and nature inspired accessories is sometimes just enough to make me feel “mori girl.” It’s also a a good way to begin your mori fashion journey as well as tie your look together if you are going a full mori look.

If you prefer green green grass over glitz and glam; sweet little foxes over looking like a sexy foxy lady, and crowns of flowers rather than diamonds then you may like some of the pieces in this collection I’ve put together. These were taken from etsy, as etsy is a great place to hunt down accessories for one’s mori girl look. Not only can you find unique pieces that are handmade with elements right from the woods but you can also find items that take you away to a forest fairytale dream.

It’s also a great place to find less expensive items since many of the mori online shops from japan can be expensive. Knowing my love for this fashion style, I will featuring more items in the future. In the mean time, check out some the fun creations on etsy.

Links to the items in this collection can be here

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One thought on “Mori Girl Accessories

  1. patriciablaj says:

    I love love love the mori girl style! I was a little sad I didn’t see any live when I went to Japan


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