How to make your old desk stylish again


Do you have an old desk that look a little beat up or has a scratched surface? A few years ago I thought of an easy and fun way to turn my old desk into a work of art…without paint or stains. It all started when I had an old calendar that I loved too much to part with. I also loved my old desk too much to get rid off. Thus I decided to use my old calendar to decorate my old desk in the form of a collage.


This is a super easy way to not only protect your desk but make an old one look new again. The video below shows step by step how to do this desk art. I prefer using an old wall calender because the paper and size is easy to work with, but you could also do this with old cards or magazines. My favorite part about this home decor project is how the finished project can revamp my entire room. If you end up doing this, share it below. I’d love to see what other people restyle their desks.

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