Change the standards of beauty with The Fashion Hero


When I was in junior high, I won a modeling competition that greatly affected the way I see the industry. I was 5’5, 100 lbs at that time, and the scout told me to lose 10 more pounds. I looked at her and said no, and that was the end of that. While I did look at fashion magazines, it was more for the articles because I felt turned off every time I saw another overly skinny model gracing the glossy pages. Now, I have nothing against skinny; I myself am naturally skinny. I just don’t understand why every single model has to be skinny, tall, blond or brunette and Caucasian to become a serious model. I know beautiful girls and guys who just don’t fit the “model mould” but have the right personality and drive to work as a model. Society needs a change, which is why I’m glad to share with you a new TV show that could not only change the definition of a “model” it can help you fulfil your model dreams.

The Fashion Hero is unlike any modelling competition I’ve heard of, and it comes at a time where many of us are bored with the same old standards of the fashion industry. If you ever wanted to be a model but didn’t feel you had the look or weren’t well-connected, now is your chance to seize the opportunity. The Fashion Hero is a TV show that allows anyone 16-40 a chance to enter the competition. 80 countries are included, making this a global competition. Once you sign up and set up your profile, you can then encourage your friends and family to vote for you.

This is what makes the competition different. You don’t need an agent to get you an audition. The determination on whether you make it as a candidate is based on votes. According to the website, “in September 2014, based on the amount of votes obtained, a total of 3200 candidates will receive a professional photo-shoot and portfolio, and will move to the next selection round. These candidates represent the top 40 members with the most votes globally.”

100 finalists will then be chosen to appear on the The Fashion Hero show, which will be filmed in the Grand Sirenis Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico; it will be broadcasted internationally, giving your family and friends a chance to see you on the TV show.

From February to June 2014 The Fashion Hero candidates with the most votes in a given month automatically become finalists and attend the TV show.

Just looking at some of the participants on the website, I can see they are from all different walks of life, shapes, sizes and ethnicities but they are all beautiful and are taking the chance to be someone’s “hero.”

I wish this existed back when I was young to let people know there isn’t one definition of beautiful.

If you have always wanted to model, and want to be part of the mission, I encourage you to check out the website and sign up.

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