Style is for the poor?

In a Korean show (pure 19) a remark was made about style being for the poor. The scene was about some work colleagues admiring their bosses’ sense of style and how he always looked good and stylish. The bosses’ friend and employee then mentioned how it was easy for him to look good. He had money to shop at all the high-end places, get perfect tailored suits or even have someone pick out the right look for him. He then said “Style is for the poor.”

The speech made think…is style really for the poor? There is some truth to the statement. Rich people have the luxury of buying clothes from retailers that “set the trend.” The items showcased on the runways and in magazines cannot often be purchased by your typical student, or middle class housewife. They are targeted towards a class who can access the items readily and the rest are simply dreamers who imagine the items on them but never really get the chance to sport it.  Those with ample spending money for fashion can also get custom-made items, buy expensive rare items, or hire someone to style them if they truly struggle with putting together a look.

Someone who has a smaller budget and must be more economical with their sense of style has to be creative and have an eye for fashion. If they see a celebrity look they want to imitate they must go out of their way to find pieces that match, instead of simply buying the items the celebrity is wearing. They need to know their own wardrobes well and know how to mix and match what they already have. They recycle looks, without always looking the same (adding different accessories or doing different makeup and hairstyles). A number of them also have the ability to sew or at least mend clothes, so when they find that perfect item in a thrift store they can resize it or upcycle it so it looks good on their body or fits into modern day trends. Someone who has less money, and yet always looks good, most likely has a creative edge that allows them to see items and create work of style.

But there is something not correct about the statement. Whether you are rich or poor confidence is the most stylish thing you can wear. I’ll see people in some radical looks, but their confidence and belief in themselves makes them stylish. If a rich person is wearing the most beautiful dress, but lacks confidence, the dress may still be nice but something will be missing in the overall look. Confidence and self-esteem radiate from the inside, so whether you’re wearing the latest trend or your favorite old jeans you’ll look  perfect. Rich or poor, before you spend a dime on any fashion item don on some confidence.

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