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Bad Attitude T-shirts

bad attitude

Crop top, 49 CAD / White top, 47 CAD / Crop top, 44 CAD / Black top, 13 CAD / Crop top

Ever have those days when you want to send a strong leave-me-alone message to the world? Do it with a tshirt. The tshirts above are fun and functional. They quickly converse how you’re feeling on those moody bad days. Sure everyone might think you have a bad attitude, but you look¬† good so does it really matter.

Best part is these tshirts are all under $50, so you can get your rude girl style on without going broke. I personally find them humorous and a cheeky take on the graphic tee.

Fashion is still a way to speak out and express yourself. Some days, you just don’t have anything nice to say. On those days, bite your tongue and let your style do the communicating for you.

You can pair these tops with almost anything, which is one of the reason why I like them. You might wear a cute skirt with charming accessories to let the world in on your bitter-sweet side. Or you can keep it simple with some jeans and a beanie to stay casual  while still expressing your mood.

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Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

Hand Painted Pastel Galaxy Tee

WeAreHairyPeople is an etsy shop that offers hand painted clothing like the top above. I stumbled upon it recently and was smitten not just by this top but several of the items in the shop. This hand painted galaxy tee however is perfect for spring. I love the colors! It’s beautifully handpainted and designed. To me, it looks like one of those tops that you didn’t know you needed, until you have it and then it becomes all you ever wear. For those trying out the soft grunge look, or if you just like to be among the stars, this tee is a great fit for the wardrobe.

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Fun, cute, and cheap Haul



Over the past couple months, I’ve collected some cute, fun, and cherishable items…all within a good price range.


The fox mask comes from Urban Outfitters and the main reason for the purchase is so I can take “interesting” outfit photos. It wasn’t a halloween purchase, though the mask would work great for a costume. It was 10.50 and though the price is low and it is a fun accessory IT IS VERY CHEAPLY MADE. It came cracked out of the package. It is hard to see out of the eye holes and it’s a bit itchy. I don’t hate it. But I wouldn’t be quick to recommend it.


Art reader glasses: these also came from Urban Outfitters and they are tre chic. At first I felt like a complete geek in them, but they grew on me and are fun way to switch up your look. They are easy to see out of and for a little over 4 dollars they are great for a budget seeker.


Forever Elizabeth is my new favorite perfume. The scent…the take me away to an old hollywood film as a lead actress scent. Dreamy. I am smitten by it. It is mild but lasts, works for day and night (though it is recommended for casual wear), and comes in a beautiful bottle. I am not fragrance fanatic. I usually turn away from perfumes, but this one has made me lover of perfumes once again. I feel it embodies Elizabeth Taylor and all the sophistication and hollywood glamor that represents her. You can find it for less at frangrancex.com.


The next items come from Alloy.com. If you have narrow feet like me, I recommend the mika pink ballet flats. They are so comfortable and only $9.99! Alloy.com has some great inexpensive accessories like the liesel tiered necklace in the picture which was only 4.99. And finally, a last minuet add-on, was my Go Bayside tee, for only 7 dollars. The one shown in the photo is an extra small and it still feels loose, which I like.



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